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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Does Bitcoin Was Indeed Halal Certified?

Hi All,

I know many of you outside there thinking the same as me. Does Bitcoin was indeed Halal Certified? Is any of the world Cryptocurrency or AltCoins were Halalan Thoyyiban?

Right now I don't have the correct answer. Maybe the religious authorities could do a scrutinized checkup and giving the right fatwa's. For the best of Muslim out there, something need to be done and getting the right answer is mostly needed.

By the way. I was also on the same line as Bitcoin user that need to secured and safeguard all my asset and income which should be comply with my religion.

InsyaAllah there will be the right answer on all of these.

Hola Bitcoin. Hola Ethereum, Hola Litecoin. Hola Dash.
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